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January 24, 2007, Town Hall

  1. Call to Order

    Chairman Bob Leone called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. Board members present were Andy Abello, Jim Beam, Bob Leone, Deb Sondergaard, and David Tonry. Also present were Martin Achilles, Janet Blevins, Katharine Braid, Betty Twarog and Michael Woodruff.

  2. Chairmanís Report - Bob Leone
    1. Review of Meeting Minutes:
      The second sentence under item 5c was deleted, and added to the last paragraph under other business was, "The committee suggested the Middle Road Field because of access."
    2. Next meeting:
      February 21, 2007
  3. Selectmanís Report - Jo Cameron
    1. Budget Update
      In Jo Cameron's absence, Bob Leone reported that as of December 31, 2006, expenditures were $306.05; and the committee has a balance of $693.95. Bob Leone has asked Claudia and Fran to reinstate the carry-over from last year's unexpended funds. A draft budget will be discussed at the next meeting.
  4. Land Acquisition, Boundaries and Roads - David Tonry
    1. Haselton Fund-raising
      Bob Leone reported that the contributions have almost reached the $2,450 goal. A matching funds check from Roger Bintliff is expected, and Deb Sondergaard will submit a press release to the newspaper on the successful campaign.
    2. Church/Lallis Status
      The committee is still waiting for Stuart Smith to contact an attorney regarding the IRS liens in order to clear the title on the Lallis property. Bob Leone will ask Julie Lamy, Executive Director of the Boothbay Regional Land Trust, to contact Stuart Smith regarding this matter. Bob will send a letter to Senator Susan Collins' office explaining the situation and requesting assistance in resolving the matter.
    3. Preserve Access Signage
      Bob Leone has two signs ready to be put up over the next weekend. A "Schmid Preserve Winter Parking, Gate Access .2 mi." will be put up on Old County Road. On Mt. Hunger Road East, a sign which says, "Mt. Hunger Road East, Schmid Preserve .25 mi." will be installed. Bob said that he was still looking for someone to rout a Schmid Preserve sign for Middle Road.
    4. River~Link Signage
      Bob Leone has received a trail marker and kiosk signs from River~Link. The trail markers will mark the preserve trail which is part of the River ~Link system. The kiosk signs will list the partners -- DRA, SVCA, BBRLT, and Schmid Preserve. The priority in April will be to plan the trail section which will be part of River~Link. David Tonry said he had printed new maps for the kiosks.
  5. Public Relations and Stewardship
    1. Annual Newsletter
      The newsletter was completed and mailed to residents of Edgecomb and some out-of-state donors. Bob Leone will check with the post office to find out why Betty Twarog has not received a copy.
    2. Endowment Planning
      Martin Achilles provided information on the Maine Community Foundation, a non-profit public foundation which works with donors to provide permanent but flexible charitable resources to improve the quality of life in Maine. Founded in 1983, the Maine Community Foundation has, along with its donors, created a charitable endowment, the income from which supports non-profit organizations, public agencies, scholarships, etc. for the present and the future. For more information contact The foundation contributed $5,000 for the purchase of the Haselton property. There are two types of funds: a non-profit endowment fund which requires a minimum of $25,000 to establish the fund and an organization is given three years to raise these funds; or a designated fund where an individual donor or a group of donors establishes a fund for the benefit of one or more non-profit organizations, a minimum $10,000 is required to establish this fund. One drawback to the designated fund is that the rules for the fund are dictated by the donors not the Schmid Preserve. The fund provides professional investment management; the investment return over the past ten years has been 9.2%; the management fee is .85% plus $250 start up fee. The maximum that can be taken out of the fund each year is 5%.

      Bob Leone said he would like to have the capability to put funds donated to the Schmid Preserve into an endowment for land purchases or capital improvements. The proceeds from an endowment would not replace the yearly request for operating funds. Bob Leone and Martin Achilles will present this information to the Board of Selectmen and information on the foundation will also be put in the Town Report as a possible vehicle to assist in estate planning.

    3. Field Mowing
      The Middle Road field has been mowed; the Haggett field has not. The Department of Agriculture has paid $225 for the mowing.
    4. Horse Use in the Preserve
      The Management Plan states that "non-commercial horseback riding and mountain biking are appropriate where soils are dry or frozen." Andy Abello asked input from horse-owners on parameters that should be put on the use of horses in the preserve. Katharine Braid, who rides in the preserve, said that there is little evidence of use by horses and no evidence of commercial trail rides. She asked what the town's liability was in a multi-use area if one user injures another.

      Janet Blevins said that horses are allowed in Acadia and suggested contacting the appropriate people there for their input. She also suggested that if groups are allowed to ride in the preserve, there should be a contact person in town where they can obtain permission. Katharine Braid said that if there is no liability issue, the group should at least leave a contact number in the event it would be necessary to exclude the group from the preserve in the future.

      Andy Abello suggested that signage at the kiosks indicate groups should ontact town Hall for permission. This would include all groups, not just horses and bikes. Katharine Braid asked what liability the town would have if it had rules for the preserve but was not able to enforce them. Bob Leone will formulate a statement for the kiosk to the effect that use by groups may be limited due to trail conditions.

  6. Trails - Jim Beam
    1. Brushpile Burning Sunday, February 4
      Six to eight people will be needed at 9 a.m. for the burning and to cut on the upper field.
  7. Other Business

    Andy Abello may lead a full moon trail hike on Friday, February 2, if there is snow on the ground.

  8. Public Input and Comment


  9. Adjourn

    The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

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